How the Argentine government was convinced of the threat the terrorist organization poses to the country, and why others fail to follow suit

The Chinese experience with AI offers lessons and cautions to other countries debating technologies to employ in the long struggle with the pandemic


The head of the Digital Diplomacy division in Israel's MFA explains how the Ministry handled the diplomatic aspect of the pandemic crisis


Amb. Nicholas Burns, Professor at Harvard University and advisor to Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, spoke with “The Arena” on burning global issues

The radical Shi’ite organization’s criminal networks in Latin America generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Israel must do more to stop them


Even without clear government direction and dedication to the topic, the Israeli diplomat can and should serve as a “climate ambassador” and agent for change in the field of enviro...


The radical Shi’ite organization is invested in drug trafficking, money laundering, and arms sales in the old continent. Yet most European countries insist on maintaining the artif...


The June economic workshop in Manama was never about reaching a solution, but in presenting novel ideas that may ultimately bear fruit


Russia, China, and Iran are disrupting the deep peace that characterized the post-Cold War years. What's at stake? Michael Mandelbaum discusses

The solution to 21st century challenges, such as climate change, sustainability, and mass migration are increasingly tackled by cities and city networks


The Israeli Foreign Service continues to conduct the same type of “old diplomacy.” The April 2019 elections may present an opportunity to reinvent it.


Israeli investment in the field of clean, renewable energy falls woefully short. This negligence harms Israel economically and could inhibit diplomatic gains.


The Democratic representative Rashida Tlaib stepped up to run the race for Michigan's 13th congressional district after her precedor accused of sexual harassment. She called Presid...


Leslie Cockburn penned a book on US-Israel relations that was criticized as "Israel bashing for its own sake." She denies Republican accusations of anti-Semitism. Her opponent Denv...


Analysis that frames the midterm elections as a negative turning point in the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, specifically among the Democratic Party, is short-sighted. H...

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