Guidelines for Publication

Thank you for your interest in publishing in “The Arena”


Please carefully review the guidelines below. This will ensure that your article meets our writing style and publishing standards, and that it conforms to the type of articles we publish.


“The Arena” seeks to make foreign policy and diplomacy accessible to a wide readership. Please avoid technical language and excessive use of professional or academic terms. Articles deemed worthy for publication are those written in an accessible style, while providing original and thought-provoking analysis of issues relating to foreign policy and diplomacy. Bear in mind that many of our readers, including policymakers and diplomats, are not necessarily experts in the field you are writing on.


All submissions must represent the original work of the author, and must not have been previously published. Articles may be considered eligible if they reflect a development in previously published work, or work still in progress. Please be sure to mention whether this is the case.

All submissions must be factually vetted by the author. Please limit, and to the extent possible avoid, footnotes; reference via hyperlinks is encouraged.


Author’s guidelines


  • The Arena publishes three types of articles: In-depth analyses, which are similar in nature and length to short academic articles (3,000-6,000 words); Diplomatic Briefs , which are shorter pieces that offer innovative analysis of topical foreign policy subjects, or focus on important but lesser known issues (1,200-2,000 words); and Op-eds – short commentaries that shed a new light on current events (800-1,200 words).

  • We welcome submissions in both English and Hebrew. Authors who wish to have their articles considered for publication in both editions are kindly requested to mention this in their submission. If the editorial board finds the article worthy of publication in both, we will arrange to have it translated.

  • If you use acronyms or abbreviations, please be sure to mention the full name in the first reference, unless the acronym/abbreviation is widely known. For example, you may use “UN,” “USA,” and “CEO.” But use “Palestinian Authority” followed by “(PA)”; “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)”, and “Department of Defense (DoD)”, etc.

  • Please limit the use of bullets and numbering. When listing items, we encourage the use of a semicolon (;). If necessary, you may include numbers to separate items. For example: "The four conditions set forth in the Montevideo Convention for the recognition of states are (1) a permanent population; (2) a defined territory; (3) government; and (4) capacity to enter into relations with the other states."

  • In quoting texts exceeding three lines, the quoted text should be separated and written in a separate paragraph.


Submission guidelines

Please send the article you wish to submit to

You may also send an abstract (150 words or less) for a suggested topic which you wish to develop into a full article.

The editorial board will review your submission and respond in a timely manner.

Inquiries may be directed to our Editor in Chief ( or Executive Editor (