Issue 2
Issue 1
Mitchell Barak
Boaz Ganor
Beatrice Hasler
Vera Michlin-Shapir
Oded Raanan
Uri Resnick
Jacob Rosen-Koenigsbuch
Dennis Ross
Matan Rubin
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Daniel Cohen
Moran Yarchi
Tzachi Hanegbi
Eitan Gilboa
Elad Gil
Yarden Ben Yosef
Stav Shaffir
Lital Shochat Chertow
Ron Prosor
Yair Lapid
Lea Landman
Liron A. Liebman
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Issue 2
Efraim Halevy
Ohad Hemo
Michael (Mike) Herzog
Koby Huberman
Meir Javedanfar
Gallia Lindenstrauss
Zvi Magen
Ronit Marzan
Alon Pinkas
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Issue 1
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