The head of the Digital Diplomacy division in Israel's MFA explains how the Ministry handled the diplomatic aspect of the pandemic crisis

The radical Shi’ite organization’s criminal networks in Latin America generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Israel must do more to stop them

The solution to 21st century challenges, such as climate change, sustainability, and mass migration are increasingly tackled by cities and city networks

Last month, the Russian military launched its biggest military exercise since the end of the Cold War. The tension persisting between the Kremlin and the West has spread to the Mid...


The UNHRC, tasked with investigating human rights violations, is often accused of political bias. This article examines the conduct of the Council by comparing the severity of case...


The State of Israel and its dedicated advocates, at home and abroad, are mostly scoring “own goals” in the campaign to defend its right to exist. Many of these mistakes are the res...


Dealing with violent demonstrations, such as those taking place along the Gaza border, is only one of the many legal challenges Israel faces fighting asymmetric conflicts and hybri...

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